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Dear Members, The competitive conditions in the world are getting hard every other day with the globalization fact in our lives. In the frame of increased competitive conditions, generating knowledge and access to information are becoming first priority sources that render for businesses the most valuable factor of production and sustainable competitive advantages. Generating knowledge in a systematic and planned way, its continuous regeneration, share and usage are very important for the businesses in the process of taking any decision. In the era we live in, the accurate information and statistical data to be reached at the right time has become one of the most strategic elements of our business life to analyze and plan the future. Under this approach, the Chambers of Industry of Gaziantep has made available the “Sectors E-Catalog” to its members, which will reflect in the best way the brand value and visual presentation of the member’s products. This catalog offers the opportunity to express with no effort the quality and range of their products and the opportunity to reach to thousands of importers. With this catalog, as a selected channel and correct presentation we have targeted to increase the purchase demand and brand awareness in and abroad of Turkey. This study would be an opportunity for our members and the Chamber to serve during fairs, company visits, business meetings in and abroad and facilitate the awareness. This "Sectors E-Catalog”, with its rich content, would be a tool for the members who are planning to enter into foreign markets and increase the company’s client potential and willing to create a stability in the foreign markets, and it would be the identity card for the companies in the countries where the Turkish products are in demand and preferred. GSO - Sectors E-Catalog will be distributed to the Ministries, to the Representative Offices in abroad, Chambers and Associations, and it will be available at ‘’’’ web site to the visitors. I would like to thank to all of you who have contributed in the process of this catalog and I wish it would be useful to everyone. Adil Sani Konukoğlu Gaziantep Chambers of Industry Chairman of the Board
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